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09/24/2016 Nanjing Golden Retriever National Specialty Roland Hachtel(AKC 15641) BISS
All Breed Shows and Statistics
Best In Shows 1
Sporting Group 1 1
Best of Breed 2
Best of Opposite Sex 16
11/09/2013 Chengdu  ABC of Sichuan Kenneth E. Berg(AKC 6162) 1-WIN-BOS
11/10/2013 Chengdu ABC of Sichuan Eva E. Berg(AKC 5646) 1-WIN
12/08/2013 Beijing NGKC Carolyn  Alexander(AKC 6797) 1-WIN-BOS
11/15/2014 Chengdu CKU Jante Alen 1-WIN-BOW-BOS
11/16/2014 Chengdu CKU Kinji Itoi 1-WIN-BOS
11/28/2014 Chongqing ABC of Chongqing Elaine J. Lessig(AKC 7626) 1-WIN
11/28/2014 Chongqing ABC of Chongqing David L. Kittredge(AKC 7016) 1-WIN
11/29/2014 Chongqing ABC of Chongqing Jung Chang-sik BOS
09/25/2016 Nanjing NGKC Edweena “Teddy” McDowell BOS
09/25/2016 Nanjing NGKC Ryu Kyong-won BOB-Group1-BIS4
09/26/2016 Nanjing NGKC Wanye Bousek(AKC 6498) BOS
03/04/2017 Xi'an ABC of Xi'an Robert L. Vandiver(AKC 6691) BOS
03/04/2017 Xi'an ABC of Xi'an William Stebbins(AKC 4479) BOS
03/05/2017 Xi'an ABC of Xi'an John Ramirez(AKC 1814) BOS
 03/05/2017  Xi'an  ABC of Xi'an  Chris A. Levy(AKC 6368)  BOS 
 04/09/2017  Xi'an  NGKC Bob G. Smith(AKC 59862)  BOS 
04/09/2017 Xi'an  NGKC Lesley Hiltz  BOS 
 11/16/2019  Xi'an  NGKC Joan Mae Zielinski  BOS 
11/16/2019 Xi'an NGKC Van Camp Neena Louise BOS
11/17/2019 Xi'an NGKC Richard Reynolds BOS
11/17/2019 Xi'an NGKC Wang Kai(AKC 103729) BOB-Group4
BIS BISS PRC-CH & CH.CN Tinyipets' Wise Aquamarine Edox of Huang Jin Xiong Di Kennel RBIS Am/Can CH. JBG's Trugold Mr Destiny Can SDHF BIS BISS Am/Can CH. Rush Hill's Haagen-Dazs CDX JH AX OAJ WCX VCX OS SDHF, Can. CD WC 
BIS BISS Am/Can CH. Fargold's Hot Tamalie OD, Can. SDHF
BIS PRC-CH Golden Brothers' Crazy Girl OD Am. CH. Nautilus White Christmas
A.C. Dynasty Ming Queen
BIS PRC-CH & CH.CN Tinyipets' Lucky Emerald OD Goldenline's Turbo MBIS  BISS Can/Th CH. Faera's Be A Star At GoldenArmy
PRC-CH Goldenline's Lancy
PRC-CH Abra of Jin Se Ming Xing Kennel Am/CN CH. Wyoming Perfect Oneeyed Jack
Overtop I Love Chocolate

Mala's Offspring:

                  Tinyipets' Sapphire by God's Blessing

Aqua's Offspring:

                           Puppy BIS PRC-CH Tinyipets' Alexandrite of Discoloration


Career Highlights:

            Open  Best  In Show

                   B.I.S.S. Golden Retriever National Specialty 2016

                   #1 Golden Dam 2016

                   Top 10 Golden Retriever 2016

BIS BISS PRC-CH & CH.CN Tinyipets' Wise Aquamarine