Golden Retrievers 
Call Name Titles Registered Name Sex Date of Birth  Date of Champion 
 Here BIS PRC-CH  Tinyipets' Sapphire by God's Blessing   Female  2017-7-31  2019-4-13
 Helen PRC-CH  Tinyipets' Flawless Diamond   Female  2015-7-31  2019-4-13
 Miss you Puppy BIS PRC-CH  Tinyipets' Alexandrite of Discoloration   Female 2018-3-29  2019-4-12 
Smile PRC-CH Tinyipets' Jasper Fell From The Sky Female 2015-7-31 2018-6-17 
Minor PRC-CH Tinyipets' Indefatigable Ursae Minoris Male 2015-7-8 2018-4-21 
Mica Multi BIS PRC-CH Tinyipets' Passionate Ruby Female 2014-3-19 2016-9-25 
Aqua BIS BISS PRC-CH & CH.CN Tinyipets' Wise Aquamarine Female 2012-3-1  2014-11-16
Mala PRC-CH Tinyipets' Meditative Malachite Female 2012-3-1  2014-9-13
Amo BIS PRC-CH & CH.CN Tinyipets' Lucky Emerald(OD) Female 2010-8-15  2013-6-1
Show me  PRC-CH  Abra of Jin Se Ming Xing Kennel   Female  2008-12-28  2019-5-26 
Crazy BIS PRC-CH Golden Brothers' Crazy Girl(OD) Female 2007-7-30 2015-9-18